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Treat Disulfiram Reaction

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per cent of these show symptoms more or less marked.
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required to be proved at all. Insanity is not a normal con
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pelvis or at the first evidence of pernicious vomiting
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Recovering. Dr. Ira Brown Milford who was seriously in
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under surface of the base of the first phalanx sufflciently to pass
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cases because we can not then depend on free intercommuni
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show that coincident with such disease there may by examina
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ized and non nitrogenized food to balance the amount
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ment of cold paraffin would be a great advance over the old
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To the Editor Please explain Cathelin s epidural injections.
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particular reduction in the alkalinity of the blood in gout. I
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aroused by the occurrence of bleeding from the vagina
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emia treated by injection of c.c. of turpentine oil in the left
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cholecystic contents were nonpurulent the walls not more than
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the cyst was demonstrated by the escape of a large quantity of
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possible to remove the endometrium. On opening the uteri
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ba sis of this experimental work. The mere decrease in
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A Manual of Experimental Physiology for Students of Medi
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methods of the sciences to be applied. The curriculun gt
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Putting in a few more weeks each year would seem the
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may then either remain free or enter into combination
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cause is found to be some external irritant rather than some
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Hygiene and Medical School Washington D. C October.
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of which no treatment avails. It is made to cover the
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Average fresh milk produced in old barn open pail average of
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obtained after proper education of the public mind.
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old. The original rickets made no headway and there never
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fantrj throughout the Civil War died suddenly at his home
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where the uterus has finished all its functions. He recently
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the view to throw light on that precise time and event. If he
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passed mechanically through the bar. He knew of no other
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twenty years ago the name carbolic acid was so firmly
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ilton N. Y. All but three of these cases occurred in the
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In this state as in many others I have visited the most
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established that it was not deemed wise to change it.
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ted to ward with erysipelas involving two thirds of the face.
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sible to introduce a sound as has been reported in such cases
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of the important discoveries have been made by com
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thus permit of a smaller amount of chloroform. Three or four
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be cleansed frequently by means of boric acid solution.
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than when Nature is left to deliver the child spontaneously in
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increased each year after discharge. The patients who