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quences to patient and physician need not be dwelt on

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this contagion could be prevented. For this bravert

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Bernard Wolff Atlanta have filed application for a charter for

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ber suits. The purpose of this operating chamber is to prevent

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already vasomotor paralysis and that the failure is more

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pains could only be accounted for by the large pelvis and

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carried in the vest pocket. He also called attention to the

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in the axis of the urethra as well as to compression ex

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lowed bv irrigation is indicated and if cvstitis develops

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pale smooth face and wears a light gra.y suit. He claims to be

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munication proceeds from the Finsen Light Institute at Co

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year but the resources were not half equal to the demands

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physicians at the front are anxious to know if any means

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ing the interior of one of the wards. The citizens of Adelaide

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spection of drugs was enacted by Congress on the th

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When a handbook of this character has reached its seventh

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great opposition to vaccination on the part of a class of local

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memory or threaten the peace of mind of his descendants.

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patent at first in order to allow for this subsequent

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Deaver s case was not one for cesarean section but for podalic

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cially as regarded hours of work which in his opinion

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pain and the edema of the canal. It seems to me this swelling

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vance in our knowledge of psychiatry. The great value

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and his complete recovery was uninterrupted. He remained

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to be sensitive and a radiograph was taken which indicated

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cases and many were referred to dispensaries and hospitals.

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surface of the water. If the blood has not coagidated it dif

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nesians of the islands of the Pacific whose rapid decimation

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as follows with reference to the Army Medical Bill now

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mortem examination disclosed the existence of fatty de

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five months after the miscarriage or thirteen weeks after the

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tion of the labor pro ded it terminates at the usual time.

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the associated and antagonistic actions of the twelve

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statement can be made. Tlie calibers of apjiendiees vary