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solution in which each drop represents a grain of the

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Veterinary Surgeons and pass an examination before a board of

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nursing units in the Clinical Center during FY 78. Nine additional nursing

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admit unregistered practitioners to examinations sine

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The class of headache to which it seems especially adapted is

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syphilis. The condition can only be explained by the constriction

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The patient is placed on the Vjack or side on which

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second and wiser cogitations of all men. Tis sure a practice

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DUDLEY GUEST HOSPITAL. Senior Resident Medical Officer.

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We simply stigmatize a man as a bigot as blase etc. and at

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definitely Virchow have drawn attention to a peculiar arrest of develop

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The influence of the wind with violent air currents

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may be simulated by the reluctance of the patient to perform movements

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tincture of iodine and the plugging of tlie wound with

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tobacco amblyopia is due simply to a loss of function

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common duct obstruction and with or without high temperatures.

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Morgagni s hypothesis of the presence of some such structures. That he

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somewhat above the tuber parietale which has been referred in

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large German clinics. and the percentage is considerable.

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emaciated as common hectics and like them had thrush in

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ID Upon it whicli wc have dcicnbti ns existing upon the mucous

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applied to the diagnosis of disease of the alimentary canal and it

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benzene carbon disulphide and chlo 0.15 per cent alkaloids soluble in

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tissue type and are indeed sarcoma of either the round spin

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represent a disturbance of function of the cell in the

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chronic bronchitis or tuberculosis of the lungs or scrofulous

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about hysteria we find it stated in Hurst s paper that the pernicious

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gether he mav gradually or suddenly fall to the ground

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This cough without discharge is frequently followed by swallowing.

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Muscular sensibility especially ot the upper extremities was markedly

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caused from diseased bone or a small piece of broken bone which

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gauze packed in the space between the padicles of the broad lig

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uterus is emptied there is much less objection to the