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when not diseased when they are exposed by operations

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ning with the district in which the first meeting was to be

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up from one third to one half inch within the hymen

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even as frequently as every half hour. Educate mothers how

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experience with hydrastis in treating diseases of the stomach.

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is far superior to the Hegar because it deals with the sulci

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ation existing pathologic conditions being recognized is

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living hosts.. That the facts observed of the natural propa

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tragedy. And the proof is this Put any pair of such

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pression of the nerves and can be relieved by orthopedic treat

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percentage of ureteral and vesical fistula will be pro

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It has been my privilege to watch the action of liy

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Upper Marlboro on the charge of manslaughter in causing the

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that two calculi could occur in two different glands. He has

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could find no reports of nephritic phenomena referable

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Norris states that he is inclined to feel that cesarean

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trouble again with putrid bowel contents. Jan. urin

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has never been disturbed and it has become under a wise con

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one fourth of a grain will accelerate it at once. The Italians

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and treatment of an incipient case.. Differentiate between an in

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period of gestation. I have never been able to satisfy

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teid or carbohydrate digestion powers by the presence of

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the red light as harmful. We thought the treatment had an

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Smith Midland vice presidents Dr. Edgar T. Duke Cumber

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on a longer carrier which I had made for the purpose.

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the details of the operation as previously described

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his tongue was severely bitten. He was unable to take any

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penetrating power. He writes from an experience of cases

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A Maxuai. op Experimext. x Physiology for Students of Medi

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remove a lot of the serum and it does not mask the symptoms.

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ducing much good for the larrax is breaking down more and

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pensaries and it is almost impossible to make cultures and to

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Driesbach Smith M.D. Cooper Medical College San Francisco

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oculation of anthropoid apes. Passive immunity seemed to have

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other organisms to anthrax has long been known but the value

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and lighted by electric lamps at night and the conveniences

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more it is rare to see these young patients develop true

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fection. Not much time or effort was expended in preparing

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from the larger and smaller vessels. The bronchi contained a

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