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Asylum superintendents will rejoice at the advent of a

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of mercury. The salicylate of mercury needs to be injected

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far as their fate may be studied in the test tube but

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tuberculosis with those of children dying of tabes mesenterica

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by Drs. Hart and Barbour. Cystocele to a slight degree is

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ministration of salts of suppositories or of enemas will

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field Mass. who retired from practice about ten years

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especially when a firm attempts to cover the whole country. With

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offer theoretical objections. I say simply this Here is a

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rotomy should be undertaken. The intralaryngeal method is

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to the desirability of stating on each package the solvent of

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If a perfectly circular object say the moon at full

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central building. The hospital has accommodations for

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in kidney disease was rapidly followed by others demonstrating

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takes place in Oklahoma City next Tuesdaj and Wednesday

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surface or the root end with the four roots spread outward

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use and he thought they gave evidence of an eminent surgeon

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the Pan American Medical Congress. As we go to press we

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the existence of a well marked extra pelvic ligament and

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ent from the bacillus of plague and also kept Gram s

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never been proved and it seems more likely that the

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mesenterica represent with fair accuracy the abdominal

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physician or do or agree to do any medical or surgical work for

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verse and longitudinal incisions and free dissection of

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and nitrogen atoms in these and in arginin and the imidazol

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gested recently by a German not simply denuding the mucous

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delicate nature of the tissues examined rendering them

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immediate cessation. The chief indication here is not

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dedicated and opened November. The hospital aside from

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due to the fact that at times a smaller and other times

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College Alumni Association was held in Springfield ilass.

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a tissue which macroscopically resembled granulomatous

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many hours without causing discomfort. Any food remaining

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Nothing is simpler in the routine work of the clinician

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