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ficial Register and Directory of Physicians and Surgeons in

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the uterus. The tips should be blunt or better have rubber

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trophy hypothesis for the early deterioration of certain

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secret medicines are subject to the same examination and

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tion to select what has been found most useful and practical

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but the origin of these primary cases as a rule is un

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still in favor of the view that disturbance in uric acid metabol

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the patients is an Eddyite who oljjected to vaccination after

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pertension in certain other conditions. The hypotension may

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of the hand. The characteristic slightly raised margin retains

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olecranon and the epicondyle. Two cases on record were

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with thyroid preparations proposes the use of serum

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the New Y ork Bar. With the Cross examinations of Important

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of the danger of producing a cocain habit the patient should

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must first be made. After eliminating all those cases

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convulsions. If under thorough treatment the symptoms

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cologic abdominal operations. He reviews the literature on the

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tocele partial incontinence of urine decomposition of

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performed the operation is so simple and so safe that

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realized will be necessarily permanent in any event.

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phragm and Involving the Abdominal Viscera. Case ot

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lic Health Association mil make the round trip to both medi

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the morning sickness to begin before the third or fourth week

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trouble because the bladder properly speaking is not a fixed

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ger was pushed through in the peritoneal cavity. A piece of

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interrupted. Six patients have died from accidental causes

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Spontaneous Fracture of the Ribs with Report of Case. Hugh

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of militia in foiling a lot of would be hangmen. His

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whether it was a modified hydrophobia induced by the Pasteur

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