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confined to the sac itself or sharp and lancinating like

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Treatment. From date of admission until discharged the

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turn to normal. The efficacy of milk in kidney disease is due

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the danger period are still but convalescents so that

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the face. Some favor the removal of infected hairs by epila

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carefully closed. The next operation was performed by one of

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A few extracts from this boy s clinical history are now

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and physiologic processes. The mechanism of secretion has

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left eye. Both eyes were very much protruded the left more

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thigh anesthesia and thermoanesthesia on the outer side of

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tient s skin and the duration of the application was fifteen

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general purposes for from four to five months and during that

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sists of the outer covering of the musk mixed with a

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ments may throw the unfortunate possessor out of the

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I re.gret the scope of my paper will not permit me to

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place this branch of the treatment is placed entirely

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severely and passed a few small shreds of membrane. Since that

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son. Professor Watson of the Adelaide University has little

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area as feasible. The pelvis was drained through the vao ina

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protracted operations to avoid post operative paralysis. If

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velopment of the antivaccination activity is shown in

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go barefooted indoors or wear socks and European shoes.

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lumen completely and thus prevent the germs in the appendicu

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improvement nearly amounts to a cure. The simplicity entire

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haps it will not be deemed wholly flippant if it is noted

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increase of circulatory disturbances and fourth through the

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co operation. The consensus of opinion is that more than

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the patient is ordered to take frequent baths simple or medi

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perineum and pelvic floor to remain unrepaired for six or eight

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and oxygen respectively. He fotind that chloroform and

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Iccl Association. In the Section on Obstetrics and Diseases of

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two important offices makes him one of the busiest men in Ade

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were readily formed involving the pericardium and other near

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from the focus the retina cuts the cone. In other words

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the association between lead poisoning and gout but it

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sleep is not to be sought for as this comes only with

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injuring the public health in overcrowding of sleeping rooms filth.

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he would correct refractive errors. Parents are often conscious

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with their effect on the infantile respiratory and digestive tract.

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gether they are indulging largely in flights of the imagina

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true hallucination and arrives at the following conclusions

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faculty and in teaching appliances than the majority

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ing of the Federation of Medical Societies of Belgium

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tagious disease while on the other hand by section it

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cians of wide experience with this disease claim never

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practical midwifery three labors ophthalmic medicine and

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So one must know the Emmet the Hegar the flap splitting