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by attending physicians. The purpose of that statute is per

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In a discussion on tuberculosis before the Eastern Medi

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sity of Maryland Baltimore. At the opening meeting papers

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ordinary wire milk strainer was worse than none the

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fever. De Renzi has derived great benefit in Malta fever from

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tional Association for the Study of Epilepsy etc. will be held

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part to the fact that when a Russian. Japanese or Scandi

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cases there were only patients who presented definite

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tive cases of typhoid treated according to his method with

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to lumbar puncture in many instances after having long been

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tance of the inorganic constituents of the organism in

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of warmth. This dryness taken in connection with an aver

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sion that labor can be induced prematurely without danger.

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issue with Lucas Chanipionniere in regard to the treatment of

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