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Indian subordinate medical department rests with the direc

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if tuberculin should not be used in the treatment of pulmonary

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bacteria and still remain unaffected because their bodies are

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vance. Whether done by mechanical appliance or by patho

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at the exploratory operation. Although the gross appearance

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hemorrhage which was checked by scraping away some re

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Clinical Lecturer. Diseases ot Women and Abdominal Surgery

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the lung and in view of the fact that the pulsation was

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Our diagnosis should always be based on the results

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spool and so determine how much of the vagina should

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bladder it is well to remember that they are covered by epithe

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sists of pustules so small that their pustular character

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it is transplanted it assumes the role of the muscle it substi

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tube and the nerve stump can then be readily drawn down into

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become a physical wreck since his incarceration his financial

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returns after the removal of the uterus for this disease

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chronic suppuration is as dangerous as an appendix which is

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cases shows an acute perforation of the ulcer into the

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no a priori reasons for believing that infection of the ap

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days after the discovery of the presence of an abnormal im

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These children certainly seem to be individuals with

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observers now agree that there is a marked increase of

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are they locjil products In my judgment chietiy the

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October. Dr. Albert Vander Veer delivered an address on

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lightly and a small one staining intensely with the red color

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not to be disturbed by the movements of the patient

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ance by the city of Boston of a hospital for the reception and

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organisms play the most important part. As soon as the in

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tient been in the possession of her mental faculties the

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New Michael Reese Hospital. The competition of architects

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uric acid or the urates in the tissues or urine. In

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Would a doctor hired by the company to administer this treatment

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made in the scrotum and when secondary inflammation sets

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the severity of the case. In the mild cases the predomi

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narcosis was induced. The only drawbacks are nausea and

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concludes his study of this subject with the following rules

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business section arc kept fairly clean by daily sweeping. In

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lower respiratory tract. The method is simple safe and prac

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diphtheria bacilli or streptococci. The left tonsil later sliowed