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of his investigations into the general characteristics of exu

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rction of the hump may prevent development of paralysis or

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Strychnia and ergot were administered hypodermically uterus

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classifying of reported rases and the preparation of statistics

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placed. In neurasthenics in whom the nerve cells are second

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ress of the scheme already sanctioned for the establishment of

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before the fact to the self murder or suicide of one Chris

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Goiter in Rossiter. Goiter seems to be epidemic in Rossiter

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The position I took at that time was that if we could treat

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care in the matter of diet. It is simple brief and practical.

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this column must be accompanied by the writer s name and ad

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ter all the best undergraduates very properly regard the

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their progress the phenomena designated as colic may

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undertaking to prescribe any rule for weighing the testimony

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a compulsory element in every public school education.

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for some time in the less motile portions of the stomach

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the Lateral Cerebral Ventricle. A Contribution to the

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