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coil the ice bag devised by Dr. Sprague has given good

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tions of which the chemical or pharmaceutic composition is

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way and was amazed to find the hospital still there. He or

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tient whose temperature at night is. nor to one who has

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then dissected up along this circular line of incision on

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He believes thai milk causes intestinal and mesenteric

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George Walton M.D. New Y ork University New York City

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when it becomes overdistended there is a probability of the per

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large amounts of urinary and salivary glucose. The re

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sphericall and the lens increases its curve in the two

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regulations of the board and may remove such person thereto.

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observers examining the same blood. Yerth and Schu

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wise carry with it the admonition that an attack of

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growth and uterus and all the surrounding tissue from

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to that association. A committee of three was appointed

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Health Association can take advantage of an excursion from

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perineal is the least bloody route since it admits of a complete

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hind or above the sternal end of the right clavicle. The

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next experimental question concerns the effect of these

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