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literated packing with gauze or the use of the hydro
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except that mercury alone is indicated in this case. Edema
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made to Comt Xo. for a charter for the. Vmerican Oncologic
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parts of the body then we might also rightfully expect
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the removal of the parathyroids either with or with
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thigh anesthesia and thermoanesthesia on the outer side of
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of the mention in such a book of preparations containing
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llainmatory process the so called mycotic form of aneurism.
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was cancer but the pathologists reported month after month
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ger as a weakened or broken bridge. Modern require
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truth of this principle in the history of medicine. Most
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than these statistics would indicate but has escaped at
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looking for a method whereby as good or better results
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rations and in several cases which I have seen in con
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opium in some form is the safest and should be given by mouth
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This injury of the tissues is almost entirely avoided by the
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of tobacco is one of the causes of the affection. Of
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to the further end of the present curriculum and to
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pears and that there is a complete restoration of function.
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carbolic acid chloral hydrate hydrocyanic acid morphia sulph.
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obstruction of that viscus. He said that choleeystenterostomy
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pened to see Lusk s statement in regard to the repair of the
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dilatable. In the second these conditions did not exist.
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ical Association. In the Section on Laryngologry and Otology and
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standard which is necessary for the comprehension of these
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of the second molar. In such cases the resorption of this root
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another child in an adjoining bed in a hospital ward.
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Such publications are of two sorts. One kind is issued
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Yellow Fever Stamped Out. Yellow fever seems to be prac
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much intensity as the patient will and can stand. In general
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on the extensor surfaces of his arms the temperature con
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for the lancet have led me to inquire whether there
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gradually withdrawn. It is contraindicated where an