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in the right lobe in every case. Two of the patients died.
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all forms of treatment the slow convalescence the great mor
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day after this treatment was instituted diuresis was re estab
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exposures to the a ray for a period of ten minutes during
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to give on these matters. But even he must work ten
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of an individual case does not however give accurate informa
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that the adrenals should be carefully examined in every ease
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acts during a co ordinated muscular movement and that when
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Twenty first Annual Meeting held in New York Citi Oct.
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perineal operation in cases where the bladder wall is
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drowsy and took absolutely no notice of anything around.
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The best results are met wi h in the varer instances in
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vomiting immediately recommenced. Belt was reapplied the next
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be added. The diet must be regulated for several months after
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Iowa viz. that the statutes are for the protection of the
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the right sternoclavicular articulation where it divides
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With the exception of a single anopheles killed by Powell
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cussing the chest or listening to the sounds of the
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tive in results as to Lopffler s bacillus but showed abundant
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gali can be admitted into the Eden Hospital as pupil dais.
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While the role of other infections can not be wholly
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dus. Attacks of gallstone colic have been aborted by having
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There is scarcely any disease which the general phy
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been many speculations as to its origin and nature. On
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and in subacute catarrhal conditions of the large intestine. I
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Joseph Butler Draper M.D. Harvard University Medical
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guardian or master if able otherwise on the county in whien
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and neurasthenic. Strictures are somewhat diminishing in
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tures which were originally published in the Edinburgh iledi
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tion with Nearly Seven Hundred Illustrations. Including Some
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these cases was there any trouble during the pregnancy nor
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Credit in Examinations for Years of Practice. At a meet
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People that dying declarations are in their nature merely
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