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Benemid Cost

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fundamental and in carrying out his immunisation experiments in man

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soft and of a pinkish color. From them were obtained

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emptied inadvertently it is better to inject a few ounees of warm water

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Both these species are of peculiar interest for they have very

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Ptosis was present in 7 cases and in 1 there was nystagmus.

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threat of a fine for not reporting 450 cases of diphtheria

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tres malcontents de 1 etat present de nos affaires ces plaintes

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dren s Hospital with a definite fracture in the mid

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small yellow rounded seed like bodies which Prof. Ponfick recog

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their origin in vascular disturbance and I have noted in some cases how

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Change the poultice every two or three hours and keep bathing

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geons in the country had sufficient of the material

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Sixth. In case of a suspected error or substitution by pharmacists

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be realized physiological chemistry will perhaps enable us to solve

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the Great Ormond Street Hospitals there were 24 cere

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Clinically evidence is derived from the condition of the abdomen

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the urine of normal kidneys always shows a slight de

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dysmenorrhcea the cause of the sterility the question

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others and the minute histological changes observed

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cutting of the other side. As the knife was drawn down

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referred to the left sacro iliac synchondrosis but not in

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state of our knowledge there is no satisfactory reason to regard myeloid

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Her own country the basin of the Nahe and the Glan she knew

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Ruhlrcr gutta percha ether yellow beeswax camphor oil of anise vanilla

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works. The Greek Government and the Athenian Archaeological

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diastolic 120. Diagnosis Cardio renal disease. Treatment

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is contracted almost to nothing yet a case of Rokitansky s is an

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hemorrhages in practically all subserous and subperitoneal surfaces

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the duct into the lumen of the acinus. The nature and the

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add that its use in my hands in suppurations of the

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dulness while it makes its outlines less definable by palpation and if the

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until it threads from the spoon stirring often while the

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delegates of this Society be instructed to urge the general adoption of the

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owe their origin and distribution to this diametri

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functions before and after surgery quantitative pain assessment

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time to time from violent biliary attacks and jaun

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authors since the time of Zacchias. Moreover gonorrhoea has

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two years ago. he was engaged in active practice in New


thought it was proper that the result of the operation

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form an intelligent judgement about the matter. Indeed it

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To Pap You are the reason I decided to join the Army.

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have proved that intestinal parasites are most probably generally

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diphtheria and of its treatment must be acknowledged to savour

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Dr. Barker Yes changes in the pupils such as this patient

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Compendium der speciellen Patbologie und Therapie vom

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sit up but presenting the typical pallor of counten

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The treatment is very simple. It consists merely in dividing the

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stands out in sharp contrast to the above tyjjes illustrating admirably

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the foundation of his reputation the real life work of a Ger

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be absent when the patient lies down. With great collection of fluid

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the presence of a well marked vomica the localisation of the abscess

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of the eye on the same page is a revised reproduction by Johannes

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various methods of treatment vvhich I have employed or

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Toronto and Dr. George F. Clark Aylmer assistant homoeopathic

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