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wise would be left in the ligature or clamp and cause infec
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rabbit. The serum was added to the test suspension between
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To Fight Tuberculosis. The Georgia State Commission on
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ity of its technic the immediate results and the definite en
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cles describes a new mode of narcosis with ethyl chlorid. The
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I thank the following gentlemen for help In getting together
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plications in many cases. The station was close to the hospi
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on the fact that a minimum reacting dose of tubercidin
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Shoemaker of Oklahoma has been appointed physician at the
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easily from below with the adjacent portion of the vagina.
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He is seldom the first to try new methods or to cast
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gave the impression of being severely ill. On the second or
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vanced process of decay the body was broken in three pieces.
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Die Bedeutung der Venenklappen und ihre Beziehnngen zu
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utilized in the treatment of diseases of the middle ear.
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Where the case did not end fatally it was not possi
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A systematic examination of the metatarsophalangeal
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gists have overstated the efEeets of the diseases of spe
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peritoneal flap and be out of harm s way. The ovarian