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in the mass will he securely welded to the interior wall of

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quested an investigation of the causes of vagrancy in Great

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dates and transudates the methods of de.tcrmining the tuber

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important factor in the excessive infant mortality that

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days after delivery. The Ezra ward with forty beds the gift

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of the family already worn out by prolonged nursing and watch

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The disease had also extended over the process to the internal

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a large sequester without suppuration and before fistula for

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color to the e.lectic preparation hydrastin which consists

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ease originates in the tissues about the kidney the

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easily from below with the adjacent portion of the vagina.

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activity at the height of the psychosis or when most

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the present time most writers on the subject concern

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used would have been better if left to Nature. Dr. Cryer

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of the whole aural region bloodletting purgatives re

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in effectual relief still in my experience the safest

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of which are formed at one time masses of uric acid

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who developed feverish symptoms were on having their blood

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a safe material to use for obliteration. Silk of large size only

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four foci of infection. An isolation hospital to accommodate

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larger there had been no vomiting but the patient could not

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the disease is a hopeless one and usually causes death

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ing the vaginal method of delivery were those of Dr. Fry and

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Tlicre seems to be much uncertainty about the observations

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Fig.. Showing the method of dissecting the vagina from the

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the Rochester police was arrested at Niagara Falls on a charge

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tion of abscess high leucocyte count with high temper

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occurred in families in which the drinking water was boiled.

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tatic trouble concerning which little has been written.

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