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the conclusion that despite the great amount of work done the

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Glaucoma may also arise from injury when it is known as trau

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History. This preparation was originally introduced by a Parisian

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ject to convulsions from the ordeal of teething. Many acute diseases

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nated by persons who arc supposed to be suffering merely

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on account of an excessive orbital motion also. In the process of

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that a sanatorium favorably located in the Rockies

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who has been eft ectiveiy treated remains free from

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followed by fresh attacks until finally the patient

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that external causes were of first importance he found

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cines and medical supplies for a regiment for three

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perspiration often afforded no relief. Yellowness of the skin and tunica

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Bland Sutton Institute of Pathology of the Middlesex

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from that of foreign establishments so radically as in the

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atlcnticin to llic acute diseases of the pastrointe gt tinal

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alkali used and the tomperature employed low yields of purified oil are

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hang downwards in the ureters like minute pears. They diminish

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limited to alleviating suffering by opening scraping out and draining the

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narrow constricted portion. The second enlargement is

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alightly malarial or of a short exposure in a district strongly malarial.

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logist Sir John Burdon Sanderson expressed his belief

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She was aged 28 had been married three years and had one

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muscles of the paralysed limb were massaged 2 drachms of

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ese fish and quite a variety of fish in the lake of

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bowels bladder or stomach should be retained in easily cleansed vi

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rhages occurring in adolescence Dr. Howard F. Hansell

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no sensible evacuations whatever. But in all those cases arising

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live anatomy pharmaceutic chemistry by Marabelli midwifery.

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tation. In a series of these animals he transplanted

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with interest and commission it is not charity but calls

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passed freely from the intestines but being blended with

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quite viscid in the mouth. It is generally in small round irregular

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would not pronounce peremptorily against electricity while

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cholesterinemic condition indicates that obstruction is present.

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lamentable was that in 2 or 3 moneths time halfe of their

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Centreville New Albany Logan s Cross Roads Dearborn County

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throat swollen and very tender frequent cough discharge of exudate. The

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siclmess from discharging his duty to himself his family or

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the venous stasis is very marked and it should be ac

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of lectures at the London Hospital. This cojjrse was in

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no doubt especially numerous in these times of unsettled

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assumed with Plato that the idea is as actual as the thing itaelf

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final result that constitutes the e svsential indication for treatment.

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forty eight hours after admission peritonitis having supervened on the symptoms

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Coccidia were found in the intestine liver and glands. Eivolta classed

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treatment 10 of tlic cases were very acute. The wounds

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takes place until the opposite limb and by and by the trunk

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quantity there will be a shortage next year. The leaves

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owing to the fact that they grow with less luxuriance than

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Animals. Since the discovery that Bacillus leprae and the

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sion of the British Medical Association always a matter

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bearing plant with a premorse tuberous root. The leaves are linear

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difl erent names Home and Cliue the names of two celebrated

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ing their elimination and increasing the resisting powers

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legitimate operating to be done that we are freed from the

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tone with formation of secondary phlebitis periarteritis and

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The pharynx is laid open and exposes posteriorly the nares velum

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Ducroux is of opinion that the patient may be again