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vitality and resisting power of the tissue of the disc

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on the part of the Commissioners to have done so. Instead of

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was theirs. In fact I think your lives have in many

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learned Consumption is tJie oxydation of the exudation

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drinking fountains in a clean and sanitary condition.

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XX. Scandinavian. Selections from the Eddas special topics in Scandinavian literatures

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reporting a case in which the ureter was injured and the discussion

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this report makes it impossible that when the history of

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cally no danger from anaphylaxis either in repeating the injections of

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Tokay used in enormous quantities on the Continent for infants and

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Or further by producing a modified increased flaw of the vivifying

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treatment until cured. While in the infectious stages the men should be confined

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ment and attendance of its members. In his area several

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permitted to have printed at his own expense for the

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and on attempts at accommodation but very little. It is indeed

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in the shape of miscarriage which is a source ot peril to the

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surface of kidneys or in cortical substance without interfering with func

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but the properties of the virus of the disease have been studied.

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During the epidemic in 1935 a case investigation form was sent to each

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tion but there is a question as to the most opportune

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Council takes steps to ensure that the tests imposed

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febrile attacks invariably precede. Mr. Cannon Lucknow

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artery remains normal the pulse is strikingly low while the

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symptoms in this group are much more complex and more important in

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more serious in character. Sabrazes insisted on the

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and have a terrible fear of an open window. Lastly

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the citrate or sulphate of magnesia. Water ice lemonade and

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become engaged in the cascal opening of the appendix more

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the outcome of this procedure from j assing up to the medulla.

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electricity osmotic pressure and the effects of grav

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that of Olibius many years after near Padua because

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II. Travel ordeni. Complaint has l een made that hospitals evacuating patients to

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so made the profession blind and deaf to the warranted claims of

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sense the future alone can determine. That the carbolic acid in the

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that in tying or cutting the vas certain nerves more