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sion. In pyaemia there is generally more or less jaundice. The signs

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reached. The rectum was easily separated from the anterior sur

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ment lasting several minutes with usually an emission from the rectum. It

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to determine the effects of substances known to influence this metabolism

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fortify our reason by disturbing some part or many parts of

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approximately the lower half of the mass described. The upper

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twenty four hours with general emphysema of the connective

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the gynecological department of the Boston City Hospital.

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constitute a special class it is difticult to see inasmuch as the

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The lips are forced outward and drawn inward during the

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or somewhat thinned out showing histologically more or less atrophy

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Porto Rican troops the total mean strength of which was 98 649

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in 1793 that Pinel in France Tuke in England and Rush in

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its power of adhesion singularly facilitates the progress of the Insect.

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observe that it is becoming unusually pale she must at once ascertain whether

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which increases in size and becomes covered with a multitude of

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pth March isth April loth. Between these major attacks

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along the sigmoid sinus but even when extensive I question if it

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In order to comprehend fully the nature of the processes which

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in places there was remarkable softening. The case seemed to be one of

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ment this number of medical officers is essential to the best results

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edition the first edition which appeared in 1915 was the

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who collaborated in the huge Dispeosatory ot the UniUni States 1833

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in mind of regularly recurring periods in which it may be that

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to Jurasz stated that he had discovered the specific point of irritability

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post mortem examination will reveal a large central hepatic abscess. Again

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ence of some of our most prominent medical thinkers has been

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pheasants cocks amp c. but in imperfect kinds and such where

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Some of the eggs however become calcified in the process.

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ever. Whether this was due to differences in the strength

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subjects the importance of destroying the sputum etc. I have in

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The urine for these experiments was procured in this manner. The urachns

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Symptoms. In making a diagnosis of chronic pharyngitis it is very

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Craniotomy I have performed this operation but five times in the last

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popularity for The Habitant. In this collection as in the other he

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a higher melting point and perhaps superior keeping

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exception inferior in dietai y value as regards growth to foods prepared

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instance when this number are kept and the space occupied by a

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Facullc de medecine du 16 avril 1066. 1 arrel du parlcuient est

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but never to the point of fatigue and always with precaution against

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ever if present in large nimibers they may 1 obstruct the

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months unsuccessful medical treatment colopexy event

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position there is complete ignorance and of whose effect

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and on pressure there is elicited a peculiar crackling sensa

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The University of Toronto has determined to establish a combined

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it was met with at the junction of the protuberance.

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the water is then further heated to as high a degree

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continuance of the cycle of the malaria organism are discussed and

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always. It sends on only such numbers as can be forth

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able till gentle stripping was tried. After. the first

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Federal government has not yet raised their quarantine of those

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the right place. Death has occurred from compression of the oesophagus

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they admit not of protrusion and the neck of the matrix

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tion which were decidedly improved by the continued administra

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for the relief of traumatic epilepsy of thirty five

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mittee of three resident physicians was requested by the Water

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Now in that Arthur Andersen report they give us an estimate

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continued use of purgatives which act on the lower bowel. It may arise

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cavity was effected by the development of the lung showing the

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been hold their duty in order to prevent damage to the inno

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Here and there in the other columns of the cord were seen

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which we call cord or sinew. The muscle is above the joint

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if rib fractures be present kicks blows falls 3 from disease foci

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study 1908 1909 of a much larger series of canine hypophy

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M. le chevalier de Bouillon s est battu en duel a Bellisle

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grenous and ruptured general septic peritonitis. Death the seventh day.

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ground that the extent of the notochord in the adult is second

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many conditions 1 very often in health in thin chested persons par

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In these various forms of kidney disease the morbid

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axis seems divided into two parts the first part almost

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Sect. li. Men commonly set forth the torments of hell by