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margin. From its origin it runs ventralward makes a

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spond exactly to those of Garbat and Meyer in experimental animals. Rou

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going its typhoid seasoning while the presence of epidemic

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rior two celled. Stigmas simple. Fruit dry consisting of two indehis

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and should work shoulder to shoulder to achieve a common end.

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count of the white cells at the time I saw it last would

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is pierced by several small holes where the milk comes out.

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in this group of headaches is twofold. It begets the headache habit. Coal

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of the left ventricle the left border extending beyond the nipple. The

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epiglottis is seriously diseased and the ulceration extends to the lateral

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pneuma was distributed by the arteries through the whole system.

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relative intensities of spectral lines. The complications which threaten

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the turgescence clear the passages and relieve the pain

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reflexes when they do not disappear are invariably of the flexor type.

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irresponsible despotism on the one hand or an irre

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Children born before the completion of the seventh lunar month

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DR. OSLER has passed his seventieth goal post. Sincere per

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fallacious and dangerous and it is for this reason that in my

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health. If the process of solidification has not involved more than

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surrounding a large dense scab. This is not the scab from

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ment is very unsatisfactory. Jodine and various counlerirrilants exter

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as a stimulus to those who followed in their efforts

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relieve nausea and vomiting and relieve gastric uneasi

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the request that they may be forwarded to the Govern

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In the absence of any available medicinal treatment known to have

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a man of learning and genius and possessed the true scientific

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medical societies contribute to various medical journals conduct

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after luncheon. Excursions will also be arranged. Members

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swelling preceded the appearance of tuberculous adenitis.

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American citizens that otherwise might have blighted as mere experimental

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When the congestion is due to accumulation of milk the symptoms

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interesting but if they demonstrate one fact it is that the

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and far more successful than the cutting operation

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pulmonary alterations thence arising may vary almost indefinitely from

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gitis on dysentery on flies as transmitters of disease on

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Parrots apparently can be infected with either avian human or bovhie

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or by the vagina. M. Oosselin proposes to term this variety suprapelvic

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infective diseases particularly of enteric fever and influenza. The as

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The profession is chiefly indebted to the researches of Dr Elliotson for the

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mouth a wedge shaped piece of it should be removed.

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such a temperature will quickly kill the fly egg and larva. By the

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that of 30 cases examinod. the foreign body was found nineteen

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marked yet neither symptoms nor organic changes are invariable.

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producing the so called lithopedia. Lithopedia may also occur

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in that direction being completed before the dates set for the

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adrenaline over a period of about eight to tcu hours the

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Thousands of medical practitioners chiefly in the country

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may at any time become a matter of vital importance to your

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Continue quinine but in five grains night and morning as on

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they would relieve headaches and the aches of colds and fevers. In consequence

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diphtheria cases in the hospital under his charge during

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between thermo. lt enesis generation of heat and thermolysis

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same containing some pus in other words the condition was that of

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surgeon and to the child at the time of operation answers all

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the least important i art of this structure serving nutritive purposes

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its well being chemical substances which produce various pathological

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is more easily tolerated by a sensitive stomach than

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part to play he cannot avoid playing it and he must be

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which it produces these results as a rule varying directly

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This appears in full on page 0000 of the Medical News.

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ment and attendance of its members. In his area several

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will not only does not oppose such co ordinations as are usually

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nnoaua roasMS. Tbcac symptoms of this diseaso vrhicli is but Uttlo

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AquavitaB have no venenosity in them likewise there is

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is almost complete. The disturbances of cutaneous sensibility generally

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skin diseases classified by various authorities and

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complications hysteria insanity gt etc. the prognosis is of

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of the retina was a mechanical impreffion or a chemical tinge of

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evident from what has been said that injections of serum do not

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