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together with about one half of the water expelled from the
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plan suggested by Dr. Noble would be a very good one if it
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and allows the semi flu d contents to escape. According
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enabled to pass a universal elevator between tooth and
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Richard Alexander Smith M.D. died at his home in Raleigh
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tor of Science was conferred on Prof. William Stewart llalsted.
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the rivalry between the faculties causes a close watch to be
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The Mother s Manual. A Month by Month Guide tor Young
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wall. Eighteen months later the same patient returned to the
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the constant pull of this prolapse drags the upper half
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deciduous teeth with their roots and crowns of nearly all the
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forms a very interesting chapter. The modern conception of
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cells may occur in them. The epithelial cells may undergo
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of convulsions when the cervix is not yet in a condition to be
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watery solution of zinc sulphate. The compresses are to be
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Titles marked with an asterisk are abstracted below.
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ance of the reflex excitability. In such cases he interrupted
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ment under the terms of the statute because his principal
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have been able to return to work. The hearing power has
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Creek and Cherokee Indians surgeon of the topographical en
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the broad ligament and absolutely supports the uterus without
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Operation. The operation revealed the swelling below to be
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commission concerning every case of tuberculosis coming un
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ment that theocin theophyllin in large doses injures
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and rheumatic pains which had persisted for the last four
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cale. but relinquished this task when he became mayor. His
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seen comparatively more of the so called primary laryngeal
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they will receive a certificate qualifying them to practice
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terrupted sutures. Both these procedures are simple
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