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The localities represented were Lamao Baguio and vicinity and Los

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the altruistic significance of the parts of the body. It is there

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very very large challenge indeed. I will be reading some of your

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animals sarcoptic psoroptic and symbiotic scabies and in verminous

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splint for any fractures of the middle and lower thirds

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landlord of the Duke of Wellington in Newcastle on Tyne was 6 feet

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head. Long continued speaking also induces dryness of

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diagnosis difficult and this is to be accounted for

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Beyond these sections it is difficult to select passages notably

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In cases of paralytic varus which are much less frequent than the

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the subject regarding the elements of malingering they all refer

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auently bilateral than unilateral it is rarely complete. I aryngoscopically

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turn over to rise up into the throat the recumbent posture can not

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tinguished pathologists clinicians and others from all the

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teric artery to form the inferior mesenteric plexus. The

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definitely fixed upon. On Saturday August 6th there will he no

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The hospitals would provide the starting point of such

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lakes especially in the delta of Volga. These beetles cause blisters

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Diagnosis. The diagnosis of tumour of the mediastinum is easy

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Depaul. He observes that the comparison between the two

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The powder diffused in the air on opening the common puff ball is

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rence in childhood. Frights to children often terminate in convulsions

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career was one of the greatest eminence it was probably

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there was no bone disease or other local process to account for the

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by the violent northwesterly gale which Pliny tells

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to the increase in the number of cases of venereal disease.

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ally more delicate than the matured animal. Tissues are more

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in modifying acute rheumatism could be ascribed to any such Teaction.

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moderate amount of bile total acidity 0.25 per cent. Inflation of the

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pointer is easily shifted by rotating the contact wheel with the finger.

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climatic treatment 298 MacDonald A. abnormal man being

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Symptoms. So far ae the symptoms arc concerned the canse of

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mouth a wedge shaped piece of it should be removed.

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attended were not present. The conditions were hopeless and we knew

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omy and then on surgery. Of his fame it is not necessary to

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urethra more than the external meatus. The dilator was relaxed and

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believed that by the use of the ecraseur employed in the manner he

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known to a Clinical Center social worker. Included among these patients were

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powerless to do more than retard its progress operation should be

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corroborants allowing neither himself nor his patient to despair.

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time com 3s to act u on them they have neither been

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This led the writer to have constructed by Hirschmann in

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on the heart. When given alone opium undoubtedly has the effect of

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the most mature and efficient operative is supposed to win his

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From the time of their escape from the seat of their

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That cases of pellagra sine pellagra exist cases by the way which

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very plain. The smallness of the articular surfaces is

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worm theory. Here it languished until the nineteenth

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lay involved in one mass till the fruitful voice of God sepa

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in the etiologic factors and many of the problems that

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in New York. Small pox caused 42 more deaths in Philadelphia

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Possibly constipation has also an influence in that direction.

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Add salicylic Sss mind of the therapeutist. But unfortunately.

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and Bureau of the Budget Since the Division can generally

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From amongst those who are duly registered members of the College

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scarlatina had to be substituted by that of rubella.

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to the occurrence of rofuso luvmorrhago from slight causes. The fact

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may be called the cutting down process was commenced during which time the

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ciliation between the opposing ideas that the development of the

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for February contains brief crisp articles on the leading

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views here presented may facilitate in the least degree the detection of

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stances introduced into the blood have the power of in

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congenital ektasia and varicosity of the superficial lymphatics of one leg. In the

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no relation at all to the thickness of the muscular

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may be considered as interfering with Divine plans.

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Burmese he was posted to the Gwalior contingent

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hood when the were very dear friends. On the instant of

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the eye lids etc. are occasionally cancerous but for the most part quite

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diagnosing a disease of such an ill defiucd nature as sprue

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appreciation 50 of the 6 lt S cases were complete sprue incapable of

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violence on these instead of confining their ravages to the surface

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find one Batavia kampong with a low index and another with a

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third year and that this involution is usually complete

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Protein sulphur is present in largest amount in brains 166 and

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band. This band is apparently a blood vessel and may originally have

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the bladder and rectum and the pelvic and abdominal cavities closed

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not give figures that on investigation the presence of disease of

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blotting paper which previously has been boiled in dilute acetic acid and

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outlived both her husband and father and died without issue at

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who was beheaded for his faith in Rome under Claudius. It so