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final result that constitutes the e svsential indication for treatment.

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gical cases. When Eeil was called from Halle to Berlin in

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sleep slow and strengthen the pulse and refresh the oppressed

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My deductions are that Cholera Infantum is simply an atonicity of the

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Attenuation of infectious microbes by chemical means may be

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Roentgen ray examination November 27 1915 showed nothing

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eflpeeia impressed by the fact that none of them had any escape of

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profuse hemorrhage the shock to the nervous system

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report is of more vahie as a general consideration of the

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of greater severity and the parents feared sudden death from

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malady tends to move in a vicious circle each new step tending

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and Kelly in the chairs of pathology sui ery and gyneodof

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hepcUic or renal colic and enteritis in colic the discharges from the

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of therapeutical experiments on whicb be has been engaged durin

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our work if in classification he thought to keep it apart from other

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recovered adult animal. Usually eight to ten days after the

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more. All these American lates are based upon the population num

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from adhesions caused by inflammation of the gallbladder was

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Porto Rican dysentery was employed and gave positive re

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angina with false membranes occurring at the same time as a

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appearance presented all the characteristics of the

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were secretly landed and a drunken lot of sailors returned in

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t This observation is also opposed to the statements of some text

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Ambrose Pare more than once appears on the stage of the player

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patient from half an ounce of the polysulphide to ten quarts

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pelvis with his arms raised and the legs directed upward at an

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the venous and arterial capillaries having lost the

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the fact must be attributable to misapplication adulteration bad mate

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the velocity of the current is quickened in the anastomosing arteries

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should be dressed on a straight Cabot frame or a long

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scope in the treatment of all cases of im paired digestion and

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pox is to be differentiated by the distribution of the eruption

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ules in the posterior end. It may be noted that Smedly