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In some cases the pustular eruption may involve the lower

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Poupart s ligament and about one inch and a quarter

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and an. ious feels as if suffocating pulse feeble al

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to keep in touch with each individual member unless it is done

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or.solicitation asked to be buried or cremated or if any friend

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many sources the clinical signs are obscure the diagnosis often impossible

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ward the end there are periods of pyrexia daring which the lempeiatare

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bladder is usually preceded by jaundice biliary colic or symptoms ol

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parting to the attendants on subsequent subjects of disease a know

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especially interesting. The temperature ranges from

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tlie demonstration of the framework of organs the writer

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barrows they expressed delight at their ingenuity and eagerly

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dients in a sick chamber and send it to a druggist to bo

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fasted for fourteen days. The pulse slowed gr. dually

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Case 17. Patient from the practice of Drs. Johnston amp

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of infection made at each visit. I believe that semi

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kAs the relations subsisting between the psyche and the j eitma which

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representatives being nominated by the proposed Fedeia

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the respiratory rate. When the respiratory rate is increased to a

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before a man who lost two fingers by contact with a buzzsaw

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three decades the greater portion of which was spent teaching and

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circular ihongli marked Private winch has been received

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have been discreetly selected and concisely expressed. The

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being induced by vasomotor excitation. The vasomotor irritant

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infliction of sterility and disease on man and beast.

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has appeared in the Journal of Biological Chemistry 1918 xxxv


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public on this important discovery they do earnestly

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as the effects even of slight damage may remain permanently.

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bound up with its future development. With fine perspicacity

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thirteen inches long is screwed to the shutter carrying

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These are its chief advantages. Its disadvantage is

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tenderness upon percussion at the apices of both lungs

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versity of Illinois has in each of the above numbers

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and sweats. The condition grew progressively worse and January

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their r uick intcllipont rei lie. In Pari the hof pitat. I ai

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remarks that Dr. Turner has noticed about three hours after

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