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ago but few physicians bear them in mind and thus appli
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one considers its source as against the combined intelligence of
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gained facts and suggestions from philology archaeology ethnology
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appetite constipation or occasional diarrhoea tongue coated
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the previous year 354 cases of this disease were admitted or a rate
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formed congested blood vessels. The tissues a short dis
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and I made frequent examinations of his blood atdifferent stages in the
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As a question of necessity his first care was to regulate
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lubricating the tissues iu acting t.s a yirotection against cold
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having survived the operation 17 years and 4 months. Auvray added
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breathing give place to puerile and then vesicular respiration
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conditions the urine may still continue to form but is re
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and examining it so as to ascertain whether it is serous
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longer than its fellow. Disease at the hip.joint however on the
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and in consequence of all this useful equipment a really
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Nonne describes 14 eases of lethargic encephalitis that have come under
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made not only because of the extreme interest of tho
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As stated above our operative work in this field has been greatly
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two years but since then and until the present had suffered from recurring
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In the thyroid there is no tendency for the follicles to accu
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granulation tissue or some of the old growths overlapping the
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lymph nodes. It would seem possibly a paradox that lymphoid tissue should
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performed but the patient died shortly afterward from a secondary
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form a well defined disease which agrees both in animals and in man
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co walks off quietly enough but after one or two lessons ho
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to cicatrices and new growths at its pyloric extremity to thickening of its
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and intestines the patient will present signs result
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ously sized papules. The lesions are small or large and in some cases
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MODE OF PREPARATION. The root should be dug up immediatdy after the pint
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proper nourishment giving as much water as possible