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In the ox pericarditis usually results from direct injury

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parting to the attendants on subsequent subjects of disease a know

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monthly meeting. After the Secretary had read the records

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a noticeable diminution in the macroscopic size of the tonsils. It seemed

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stages preferring diet rest ice applications and mor

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especially malignant tumors are not infrequently incrusted

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ends are then brought forward crossed again at the end the loop over

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wrinkled cigarette paper t pe to which Jadassohn applied the

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on the other hand spreads rapidly and over a considerable area usually

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mon blue bottle fly and house fly which were reared in the laboratory

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It is now the generally accepted view that the nerve ele

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dilatation of the nostrils drawing down the corners of the mouth

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In doubtful oases I believe there is less risk in a

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ing to rupture of the diaphragm or stomach to protrusion of the

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a hr l injeelion to relieve the pain. In the intervals

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prevent them from answering a letter I send to day to the

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calcareous tuberculous nodule the size of a hazelnut at

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to the disease. Its superficial nature wide or universal distribution

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that the decline in the former has not on the v hole been

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dose every half hour until 25 c.e. can be given without un

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any ligatory cause must move on be that in the mesentery

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within six days without any scaling. Excepting the intense


continuance of this experimental research will lead

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may occur within them giving rise to psammosarcomata or angiolithic sar

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skilled work io done know that the small man is often a

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latter. Other diseases of the skin are also occasionally associated with

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change in the testicles there were beginning atrophy

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it is extremely useful. Five hundred cubic centimetres

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subcutaneous tissues and a condition of elephantiasis.

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number of morbid processes among which deserve to be espe

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jenior officer present of the department to which the formation belongs is the

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But these repress without cooling viz. boiled quinces pomegranate rind hot

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also a salutary procedure. As to the method of cleansing