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in military service would be complete without a reference to anti

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the communication between the alimentary tract and air

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pleted the chyme is ready to pass into the duodenum. The capsules

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examiner should bo antiseptic. My only use for gloves

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their undue restraint as to moving about from place

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two days before the national election and was convicted and sentenced

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the heart. She again improved and was discharged after two weelcs.

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ally absorbed by capillary attraction. After the pus had been

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sore feet etc. It is in eonnesion with these lesser con

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Porto Rican troops the total mean strength of which was 98 649

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the first assigns a muscular the second a nerval origin to the disease.

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consist at first of a sensation of stiffness and numbness but

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be reduced made to keep quiet his diet regulated his wine and fox

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found in which sudden deafness develops which may be due to labyrinth

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chiefly in vogue at prelent for the ftone. It is of a

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The foregoing statements have for several months been

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be seen that the number.s of the female slightly exceed that of

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and lymph are concerned the changes in the concentration of the

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field. Only army rations were given to the sick and of course

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sonal powers of resistance should be increased by deep breath

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not to have some changes in the gray matter too but certainly

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literature of antiquity. He has also interesting chapters on goitrs

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tionecl sufficient to cause a loss of self control and in

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epithelioma of the ma.xillary antrum occurring in a female patient

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a fad but is the proper and recognized treatment if

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