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it loses its fragrancv. This turpentine is very scarce Strasburgh or

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Dr. Walter Warfield was in 1801 appointed Professor of

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force and were medical officers trained in a uniform system of ob

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the swallowing of the bitter liquid can be assured

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of the lungs. The post mortem examination was made in the pre

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method liav6 been published by Oviatt j. and Duncan. i I liave

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and morning with proper brush and dentrifice paste or powder

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tion has been adopted by many dermatologists especially for

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LrzoN. Province of J enj uet Pauai 4727 Merrill November 8. 1005 Mount

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When the vertebrae are eroded movement and pressure on

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solve the mystery. I soon learned that my several col

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indulging in sexual indiscretions he would be in a febrile condition with

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from cells of trigeminal origin which advance distally along the

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the caseous tlebris of the glantl may be cliscbarged into

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at a more acute angle and is wider than those arteries.

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which being collected and boiled in strong nitric acid to destroy

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supplies aggregating.iO.O 0 left Philadelphia on the

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disappearance of this matter by bacterial oxidation can

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one to deprive Mr Adams of tlie merit of a very valuable

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seum in Washington. 1. C is very fortunate since the

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when the maximum shade temperature rises as high as 109 F. He

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enough to be chosen to represent the specific diseases

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caused by a flogging. This case was quite remarkable for the predisposition

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feasibility of ligation of either portion of the pancreas

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key personnel deficiencies which are highlighted by our expanding popu

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was a slight cut which involved only the outer layer. After

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practice are founded on the observation of 382 cases

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months or years the joints become really enlarged with

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Excoriations and Erythema are frecjuently cansed by the irritation of