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liant and able in their day are far from being able to

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devised by himself for securing continual irrigation of the eye

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brane which secretes the synovia or joint oil for lubricating the joint.

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the study of special diseases such as those of the eye

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middle ear are so varied that pathological accuracy demands

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dorsal nerves merely go through the sympathetic on their way to the

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was affected in a similar way the symptoms pointed evidently to disease

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force and were medical officers trained in a uniform system of ob

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progressing cachexia in spite of periods of marked ameliora

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amongst them was the form described by Wagner and subsequently by

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handle being depressed a median joining fold is seen but this

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storing the mucous membrane to a normal condition. The deafness and loss

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The chapter on home modification of milk is of small practical

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Aurum foliatum have been demonstrated to be almost equal

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Leiter s coil through which ice water may be passed. Electricit in the

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surface of the eyes. It produced a slight anaesthetic eff ect

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many devices in the shape of splints and hi joint ap

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who will take as his subject the connection of the biological sciences with

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in the field of hematology the Hematology Study Section sponsored

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added this interesting symptom to those already known as aiding the

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tration of thyroid preparations. Thyroid extracts owe their ac

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heart and kidney diseases combined and violence. There

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small numerous and white and are found irregularly placed

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months of Hfe has been carefully worked out by Holt. These averages

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unresolved pneumonia and that all will yet be well. Gradually however

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tions acromegaly rather than true giantism the con

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lipomata ranulse and malignant tumours more rarely for tuberculous

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cholelithiasis general septicaemia set in with ulcera