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Hunter himself who being with all his good qualities opposed to

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sterility and nervous disease. This is quite at variance

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health. That the specific treatment of tuberculosis

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the likelihood of tuberculous infection is in my opinion

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was fixed in 4 per cent formalin. One section was taken from the

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making the patient practise micturition in the snpino

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phase corresponding to the period D of the cardiogram the so called

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As my treatise on Materia Medica and Therapeutics embraced

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the stained material. If the oxy hsemoglobin bands are seen

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lymphatic glands ever shewn hypertrophy. In the cases of Dock

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also be present under the following conditions i Dilatation of the

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to the number of papillae on the anterior.spiracles the distribution oJ

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sounds are harsh and tubular with numerous rales. The sputa may early

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in these cases there may have been some relationship between that operation

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dependent on what showed on the body for its duration or con

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Of the foregoing signs few are conclusive when taken by them

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Resolved That we extend our heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved family

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tell you that he salts his herbivorous but not his carnivorous animals.

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tive or Representatives of any constituency shall have regard

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they have not access to facilities for following some one or

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ceased for nearly a year it was somewhat easier during the night time

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lessening the density of the bile even to the extent of dissolving

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that would under other circumstances have been considered indicative of

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doubts as to its veracity and the subsequent testimony to

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Lis enemies by specific medication. Many people write as

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The treatment nnist usually he carried to tlic point

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high operation for stone while he decides that the time honored and

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