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was put to a great deal of trouble in vainly trying

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tion of the retinal arteries. The optic discs had a woolly

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glaucoma or when the tension of the eyes is increased.

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steady aim of every dutiful daughter for however much she

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The gallop being generally though not always his fastest

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who had been President of the college since its foundation

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membrane was found inflamed thickened and covered with yellowish

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the utter uselessness of such and such an old method or again

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haemorrhages especially epistaxis the intensity of the muscular pain which

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externally. A full dose 30 gr. of the Carbonate well diluted

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three leading diseases were Malarial fevers 41.12 mumps 40.75

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cause and not a mere accidental occurrence in the course of

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dilatation is of no greater frequency than in the non eclamptic. In three

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time the Division wanted more money it must apply to the

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reactions and it remains for me to indicate their im

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With regard to the tuberculous cases which as we have seen form an

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were inoculated and incubated it was obvious very soon that

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that of Olibius many years after near Padua because

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ferring them to the hospital at Fort McPherson. This transfer is pro

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from the pyramids and olives structures the names of which

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three four and five days. Sulpharsenol was given every

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one o clock dinner put the meat over to boil as early as

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free drinkers prevented by drinking nothing but water as it

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Wng evidently a more common cause of death after operation. The

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extending up both the temples. I never saw a man appear

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that these matters of handicraft can advance far or fast when the surgeon

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tory signs in diseases of arteries and particularly

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by pyrexia and during or after this the paralysis observed. One or both

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writer. Detailed instructions for the preparing of the mixed

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mesentery bloody fluid in the peritoneal cavity and sometimes although

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Avoid the elevation of the head. It not only causes muscular stress

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physiologically the spleen is closely allied to the lym

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that the cefl is the final form element of all vital phenomena

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He said in concluding the discussion of this question that the

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to discuss the advisabiUty of supplying the public hospitals of the

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thigli may be brought virtually in contact in front of the femur.

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gives a case of tuhercMilous ulcer of the glans penis in which the

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consumption itself attest the truth of this assertion.