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recorded so that its age in years months and days could

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the idea of mandatory legislation and an impartial lawyer had

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was not particularly grave in any case witli one exception.

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To the Editor I note your editorial on Internal Vaccination.

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der systemic medication so it was concluded that a systemic

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uterus. A second suture is introduced slightly below the first

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Had those physicians kept their patient in bed remained with

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it was unwise to interfere and often in the latter part

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the young Irishman settle all the disputed points with

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What has that to do with our using or not using the

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though I recognize the value of the method in introduc

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except in the most moderate quantities is injurious to

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derived from the nucleins of the body whereas the exog

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the prophylactic serum treatment Haffkine during the epi

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from this operation by that I mean the time in hos

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This if true it was held was a complete defense it being

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