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bears out the writer s general impression that while the or

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remarked that the discovery of the cause was all important as

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thetic. I should propose the radical operation immedi

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The city proper is enclosed by towering walls and the two

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was a tuberculous meningitis another spondylitis and another

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lines of treatment are answered in these columns without

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operation that requires two to four hours to perform will have

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able feminine qualities. In speaking of golf as a valuable

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accompanied by a throbbing sensation. The lower border of

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Dr. Nobval H. Piehce Chicago We must always remember

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spontaneous expulsion a rigid os will be rarely found by them

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mation becoming chronic the treatment ought to be con

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doubtedly expedient even if not absolutely necessary.

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is complete suprapubic prostatectomies with deaths

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importance if the woman be treated by section as by operations

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ing anesthesia is the drop method both for chloroform and

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Dr. Billings placed a child on this diet early in June of this

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has reached a height of feet and the multiple stems and

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these flaps come together the cutaneous surfaces of the

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hemorrhagic pleuritis due to some morbid growth the pains are

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I diagnosed dislocation of the left lower lateral cartilage of

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in the medical dispensary of the University Hospital

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Dr. SrppT said that until recently spasm of the esophagus

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The Bengal Medical College has undertaken the education of

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