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boundness and eventually emaciation are the symptoms

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requires removal. If this plan is followed uniformly as

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Nails sometimes grow several inches after death and there is on record the

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But perhaps the most important item to enter into the prescriber s

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Stanford Lois Foote Durham Univ. of Pa. 1921 1923 1924

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last week referring to Ernst s work the full text of

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collapsed respiration was superficial the pulse Imrdly

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lotmd in but one of the last four examinations. The

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became very averse to taking food extremely constipated and sleep

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accommodation provided. In this connexion the assistance

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had some personal experience with one or both of these operations

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ceptions in other words all that portion of the cellular net

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medical point of view the marriage of an acromegalic indi

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Di.seases of organs of locomotion except spinal curvature.

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flame for several hours. 3 Place in desiccator to cool over

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their history was negative for lues. Two of these cases were twins weighin.g

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ment of fact without calling for argument from the pros

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sanitary condition of barracks and hospitals are so well conceived that

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life and investigation showed that in 1886 90 more than two fifths of

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Gould of Philadelphia j iaUoted a temporary chauge iu the axis

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doing this one should of course draw out the essential

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says The cases of apical tuberculosis diagnosticated by the

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of the drug produced erections and capability for coitus after a few

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is suBicieut for this purpose. If the disease has advanced

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to 17 and this corresponds fairly with observations

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scientific value remain to be settled by investiga

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haemorrhage because of an old cervical laceration. Haemorrhages

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Collection. A new edition will be required when the rearrangement

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The formation of the Library commenced with the institution

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treatment as the first with the same result. Opening of the

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were secondary to the problem of sanitation. Of the 7 000

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Foundation is given in recognition of distinguished teaching by a member of

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picture of infarction is wholly lost. The infected lung is

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a vibrator. The corn substance comes away as a fine

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arteriole is thickened if it be separated from its surround

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cates anything at all its significance is probably to be stated in

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The profound change which our science has undergone in

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weeks afterwards strong excitement and convulsive movements came on i

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Chronic latent tonsilar abscesses may initiate an infec

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second infection accidentally should also be carried thither.

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three years old very nervous and that she had often

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In the gastric glands of a portion of the mucous membrane

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The treatment thus laid down is intended to apply strictly to the first

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Buckmaster. On the capacity of blood and haemoglobin to unite with C0 2

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Oio bfe of it intbe pjeferuation of tbeir bealtb ano in tbe

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dynamic agencies of the earth found in her water courses atmo

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vessels may be demonstrated in many cases. So in the pul

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hypermetrope wearing convex glasses sees all objects

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all. or to know the ingredients and doses of the most important

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internal abscebs prescribed for and gave her medicine and

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that of appendicular inflammation. Like the latter

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on a material which is a much worse conductor of heat than the